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Santiago's Entertainment Guide


09/06/2023 - 10/06/2023
Teatro Principal
O QUE NON SE ESCRIBE is a conference of learning and experimentation on our sound heritage, a sharing of the most current projects around traditional music from a perspective that is as unique as it is global. A unique project that focuses on the process from the most ancient to the most...
20:30 | Colegiata Santa María a Real do Sar
Once again, Carlos Núñez includes the Collegiate Church of Sar in his tour 'Lugares Máxicos'.


21:00 | Atlántico
Noite de Trova Open mic + Guest artists


19:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Concert with which the Coro da Ra celebrates its 30th anniversary.
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
The group Leilía says goodbye to the stage with a new album and a farewell tour entitled 'Anque me vou non me vou'.
12:00 | Teatro Principal
2023/24 "POSTAIS" Season FAMILY CONCERT Municipal Music Band of Santiago de Compostela
19:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
Season 2023/24 "POSTAIS". Santiago de Compostela Municipal Music Band Vilagarcía Lyceum Choir Trojans of Compostela Friends of the Opera of Santiago de Compostela
21:30 | Gentalha do Pichel
Winter Guateque 20th anniversary of the Gentalha do Pichel
20:00 | Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC)
Cycle of concerts for children and adults coordinated by Carmen Hermo and Virgina Villar and directed by Xacobe Martínez Antelo.  
21:00 | Riquela
MT y Pastor eléctrica bring their Galician tour to Santiago de Compostela.
12:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
Santiago de Compostela Municipal Music Band Symphonic Band of the CMUS of Santiago de Compostela David Fiuza & Alejandro Valcárcel, conductors
21:00 | Riquela
The Peruvian artist based in A Coruña presents what is her new reference, in this case an EP of six songs.
20:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
Municipal Music Band of Santiago de Compostelawith the Coro Cardenal Quiroga and the collaboration of the Friends of the Opera of Santiago de Compostela. David Fiuza, conductor Laura Brasó, soprano Álvaro Miguélez, tenor José Luis Vázquez, vocal director
21:00 | Modus Vivendi
La caja y la llave is, above all, an album of songs without lyrics that don't talk about anything. There is no theme, no narrative.
21:00 | Atlántico
Noite de Trova. Open mic of singer-songwriters  
12:00 | Teatro Principal
FAMILY CONCERT Santiago de Compostela Municipal Music Band Celia Torá, guest conductor Paula Cereixo & Monti Castiñeiras, invited artists
21:30 | Sónar
Concert by Archivo Adxunto + Lisdexia on 15/03/24 at Sala Sónar Compostela. Guest artist, 9Louro.  
12:00 | Teatro Principal
Concert by the Municipal Band of Santiago de Compostela in collaboration with the Xunta de Confrarías de Santiago de Compostela and the Semana Santa de Viveiro. David Fiuza, conductor
20:30 | Monasterio e Iglesia de San Paio de Antealtares
Inaugural concert of the series "Of Places and Organs". Carlos Fernández Bollo, organ Works by: Sweelinck, Correa de Arauxo or Scheidemann, among others.
24/03/2024 - 31/03/2024
De Lugares e Órganos returns at Easter with the intention of continuing to discover and revisit the spaces of the city and its musical memory in a programme featuring the organs of Compostela.    
The itinerary will take in different places throughout the city that have to do with the figure of this illustrious musician and will end with a small concert, given by the organist and researcher Marco Aurélio Brescia, in which works by Olagüe included in the so-called Libro de...
20:00 | Auditorio Abanca
The Tuna de Derecho de Santiago de Compostela presents its new studio album. "Ruela 8" proposes an evolution in the traditional sound of the tunas. A commitment to the musical richness that we have collected throughout our travels. This project, the result of a meticulous and committed work,...
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Presentation tour of Xabier Díaz's seventh album, entitled Axúdame a sentir.
12:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
FAMILY CONCERT Santiago de Compostela Municipal Music Band Galician Federation of Popular Music Bands Lodanzas Academy David Fiuza, conductor Loli Fojón, choreography
20:30 | Sala Capitol
Boyanka Kostova mixes Galician retranca, regional folklore and traditional rhythms; she adds urban, contemporary and electronic sounds, effects loops, samples, drum machines... The result is pure rural flow. Village Trap, but universal.  
12:00 | Teatro Principal
Santiago de Compostela Municipal Music Band Carlos Sancho Cantus, guest conductor (winner II Concurso Dirección BMSC "Xoan Montes")


14:00 | Museo do Pobo Galego
A Voltas co Baile. The understanding of community in the spaces and practices of dance. The programme includes theory sessions in the morning in the Museum Auditorium and foliada from 14:00 in the garden of the South Wing.


19:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
02/02/2024 - 03/02/2024
18:00 | Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
Hamlet, o de Cunqueiro, is the title of a multidisciplinary proposal that mixes two apparently unrelated disciplines: theatre and video games. It also mixes Galician and Brazilian cultures, using as a vehicle an extract from O incerto señor don Hamlet, by Álvaro Cunqueiro, which...
21:00 | Auditorio Abanca
Manquiña and Sabela Hermida in an amusing play directed by Darío Autrán.
19:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
In 'Aquí Tou!', Touriñán takes a journey through his life, from his conception on the night of San Juan to a possible epitaph.
20:30 | Auditorio Abanca
The Noites de retranca are back to share laughs and more laughs around the country.


24/03/2023 - 27/03/2023
The ’romería’ of San Lázaro, a neighbourhood situated at the entrance of the city, on the Way of St. James, is both religious and gastronomic. The patron saint is honoured with a mass and a procession, in addition to an ancient tradition in which pig’s ...

For children

01/12/2023 - 05/01/2024
Iglesia de San Fiz de Solovio
One more Christmas, from 1 December to 5 January, we will be able to enjoy this impressive Nativity scene donated and assembled by the nativity scene maker José Uzal: nearly 500 figures make up this nativity scene which includes different scenes, moving pieces and also lighting and...
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Winter has arrived, the cold in the form of snow, rain and frost. The school holidays are about to arrive but also Christmas, a time of the year full of magic, joy and surprises but in which some problems can also arise... Aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old. In the assembly hall,...
18:30 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Pakolas tells and sings the story of little Ramona, a little girl driven by constant restlessness with a very alert mind who loved to lose herself in the pages of Jules Verne. The Moon was for her an unstoppable source of unanswered questions. We thus live a new didactic and rock adventure...
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling with Chus Álvarez
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling with Iván Davila
12:00 | Mupega (Museo Pedagógico de Galicia)
Music plays a fundamental role in most of the festivals and celebrations linked to Carnival. In this workshop we will get closer to those sounds that characterise the main traditional carnivals in Galicia and we will have the opportunity to make our own instruments.   Children from 5...
17:00 | Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
To commemorate Mother Language Day, the Library of Galicia brings a proposal in the form of a game in which we will speak in our language, in other languages and in languages that we invent.
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling with Bea Iglesias
17:00 | Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
On the occasion of Rosalía Day, which is celebrated every 23 February to coincide with the date of birth of the writer, the Library of Galicia is organising an activity centred on her figure and focused on children, which will take place the following day, Saturday 24.
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling-homage by Marisa Irimia
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling by Ana Carreira
12:00 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Storytelling by Iago Lopez  
13/05/2024 - 14/05/2024
10:30 | Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC)
Cycle of concerts for children and adults coordinated by Carmen Hermo and Virgina Villar and directed by Xacobe Martínez Antelo.  


12/09/2023 - 17/09/2023
Riquela Club
Holanola Lab-Fesitval is an unpredictable event. Its main premise is that the spectator and the musicians have a meeting place crossed by different cultural contributions, to generate an exchange of knowledge around music. The atmospheric reference of the meeting is New Orleans, the city that...
23/02/2024 - 24/02/2024
Plaza de Mazarelos
It is undoubtedly a great daring that, in its sixth edition, the Rosalía Festival will be filled with sunshine, harmony and naturalness, to celebrate new and diverse creativity in the Galician language.

For children

17:30 | Mupega (Museo Pedagógico de Galicia)
Show for family audiences Direction and interpretation: Caxoto (A trastenda dos contos) Recommended for infants and toddlers from 4 to 10 years old


20/03/2024 - 26/03/2024
The International Ethnographic Film Festival Museo do Pobo Galego reaches its nineteenth edition in March, already consolidated as a benchmark event at Galician, national and even international level, specialising in ethnographic film and visual anthropology.  

Courses and workshops

18:15 | Centro Sociocultural de Vite
Improvisation theatre workshop by Barriga Verde
18:00 | Centro Sociocultural de Vite
Carnival couplets workshop by Sechu Sende. Organised by the Semente Association.


17:00 | Plaza de Mazarelos
O TEU MELLOR SAN XOAN Coinciding with the Festivities of San Xoán, which fill the city with colourful and magical bonfires, Santiago welcomes a new edition of the festival that includes in its programme a variety of activities and workshops for the enhancement of Galician rites and...
24/07/2023 - 25/07/2023
Campus Universitario Sur
Galician music and culture event promoted by Galiza Nova and the Galiza Sempre Foundation, which will take place at the Campus Vida in Santiago de Compostela. +INFO
The natural region of a Ulla features an original rural carnival, whose record goes back to the mid-19th century.
The parish of Angrois in Santiago de Compostela celebrates its traditional carnival with the so-called Xenerais da Ulla perfomance.
10/02/2024 - 17/02/2024
Floats, troupes and brass bands will fill the streets of Compostela with music and colour in a new edition of the Carnival Festivities.
On the afternoon of February 11, the parish of O Eixo in Santiago de Compostela celebrates its traditional carnival with the so-called Xenerais da Ulla perfomance, which involves a stagin where different characters take part.    
Musical performances, vermouth session, popular food and many more activities in the Carnival of Conxo.
13:00 | Monasterio e Iglesia de Santa María de Conxo
The Xenerais da Ulla will take part in the Carnival celebrations in the district of Compostela.

Guided visits

17:30 | Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Route by Maos Social Innovation  


29/11/2023 - 30/11/2023
Facultad de Geografía e Historia
The effort devoted by contemporary art museums to the construction and presentation of their collections became a priority and a fundamental discursive axis of artistic debates. The exhibition Implosion: conceptual art in the CGAC Collection (1965-1975), understood as a case study and as a...
Meeting with Noa Sobrino, philologist and peliqueira from Laza


Mupega (Museo Pedagógico de Galicia)
Curated by Prof. Dr. Rita Gradaílle Pernas and Prof. Dr. Antón Costa Rico, the exhibition is articulated through a visual itinerary that runs through a set of 16 display tables with books and school resources, significant objects, historical photographs, posters and images,...
07/11/2023 - 31/03/2024
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
The exhibition Olga Gallego in her centenary (1923-2023) reviews the professional and personal career in various fields of Olga Gallego (Ourense, 1923-2010), distinguished librarian, archivist and first woman to join the Royal Galician Academy. It does so through a selection of 65 pieces...
14/11/2023 - 11/02/2024
Casa do Cabido
The exhibition brings together fourteen proposals that were conceived in the city's past but were never realised due to different circumstances.
26/11/2023 - 26/01/2024
Galería Nordés
This project by Nicolás Combarro reflects on the architectures of repression that subjected Spanish Republicans in Spain and France.
20/12/2023 - 29/12/2024
Museo do Pobo Galego
A tribute to the anthropologist and folklorist Gustav Henningsen (Slagelse, 1934 - Lyngby, 2023). A small selection of his images will be on display as part of the museum tour.
21/12/2023 - 24/03/2024
Fundación Gonzalo Torrente Ballester
January 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Gonzalo Torrente Ballester (Serantes, 1910 - Salamanca 1999). As a start of the activities being prepared by the Fundación Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, "GTB ilustrado" is already on display at its headquarters in Rúa do Vilar....
18/01/2024 - 17/01/2024
EXHIBITION SCULPTURE : THE PATHS OF THE SOUL  AUTHOR: Salvador Alonso Pérez (Leon 1959) doctor in medicine, paediatric surgeon and sculptor.
19/01/2024 - 29/02/2024
Galería de Arte Luisa Pita
Group exhibition featuring the work of Menchu Lamas, Rut Massó and Ana Margarita Ramírez.
22/01/2024 - 23/02/2024
Igrexa da Compañía (Universidade)
Exhibition commemorating the centenary of the birth of the Valdeorran painter (1922-2022) Jesús Díaz Ferrer
22/01/2024 - 29/02/2024
Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Bibliographic exhibition on the 25th anniversary of the death of the writer from Ferrol.
31/01/2024 - 01/03/2024
Colexio de Fonseca
Enrique Labarta Pose, born in Baio (Zas), was a writer and journalist. As a writer he wrote poetry, narrative and theatre, standing out especially for his humorous stories and his poetry, both lyrical and satirical.
01/02/2024 - 31/03/2024
Museo-Fundación Eugenio Granell
This exhibition is based on revisiting the plastic and vital project of the artist Paco Pestana, through an exhibition that revolves around works, documentation and other elements of the artist, which are in private collections, trying to show the intense personality of this artist in a journey...
01/02/2024 - 29/02/2024
Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Rosalía de Castro (Santiago de Compostela, 1837 - Padrón, 1885), our most universal writer, so much so that she even has a star in the sky, will be celebrating her birthday on 23rd February. At the Ánxel Casal Library we want to celebrate her anniversary with you and that...
01/02/2024 - 15/03/2024
Photographic exhibition by Vari Caramés
01/02/2024 - 15/03/2024
Colexio de Fonseca
Exhibition of paintings by Luis Rodríguez Camarero.
02/02/2024 - 30/03/2024
Colexio de Fonseca
Photographic exhibition by Saleta Rosón
14/02/2024 - 16/03/2024
Galería de Arte Contemporáneo José Lorenzo
An exhibition dedicated to the Galician landscape. Here we can observe the variety of treatment depending on the author and the period within the same theme. Among these authors we can highlight Carmen Rodríguez de Legísima, Ovidio Murguía, Alfredo Souto or Carlos Sobrino.
22/02/2024 - 21/04/2024
Fundación Eugenio Granell
Exhibition by the artist Pía Piadosa curated by María Moreno Bueno.  
24/02/2024 - 05/05/2024
CGAC (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea)
The most complete and comprehensive vision of an artist's work becomes possible when we have the opportunity to examine his artistic production throughout his career. An opportunity to travel through time, having as a horizon the works that are the result of work and dedication to the singular...
01/03/2024 - 30/03/2024
Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Exhibition of paintings by Carmen Fernández.
02/04/2024 - 30/04/2024
Biblioteca Pública Ánxel Casal
Exhibition organised by the Biblioteca de Galicia and curated by Montse Pena Presas, a specialist in children's and young people's literature.
02/04/2024 - 31/08/2024
Auditorio de Galicia
#Punctum puts two irrefutable realities on the table: that the designed band is art and that the Galician BD artists possess a visual power and an artistic discourse of the first order.
20/09/2024 - 05/01/2025
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC)
As part of its programme featuring mid-career artists, the CGAC is delighted to present an individual exhibition of the work of Mar Caldas, a pioneer of feminist art in Galicia. Her work, which is fundamentally photographic, is constantly renewing its stance as a means of protest against the...


10:30 | Plaza del Obradoiro
On 2 September there will be a unique opportunity to admire the variety and authenticity of the Traditional Carnivals of Galicia. The event starts at midday in the Praza do Obradoiro and continues through the main streets and squares of the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela.


22/03/2024 - 31/03/2024
Easter is also a good time to visit some of the small treasures hidden in the city, which during these dates are shown to the visitor taking on a special dimension and meaning; because Santiago is a place of reflection, passion, worship... but above all, a real jewel for lovers of sacred...


01/10/2014 - 05/06/2015
21:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
From October to June, the Real Filharmonía de Galicia and other Spanish and international orchestras feature more than 30 concerts, close to 100 musical compositions and 40 invited conductors and soloists await the public in the Auditorio de Galicia.
05/12/2023 - 26/05/2024
Compostela Cultura presents its Performing Arts programme for the first half of 2024.


20/04/2024 - 26/04/2024
Museo do Pobo Galego
The International Ethnographic Film Festival of the Museo do Pobo Galego aims to present recent audiovisual works in the field of ethnography and visual anthropology. The screenings take place in the Museo do Pobo Galego, the Salón Teatro and the Teatro...


01/08/2024 - 22/09/2024
Teatro Principal
Amateur theatre The Agustín Magán Festival was born in 2001 with the purpose of promoting the best theatrical productions of the amateur federated companies. The works that participate each year, in total 6, are selected by a jury and represent the most interesting proposals of...


20/01/2024 - 13/02/2024
Santiago de Compostela
Very close to Santiago: Boqueixón, A Estrada, Silleda, Touro, Vedra, Vila de Cruces
The “Xenerais da Ulla” is the most outstanding feature of the Ulla region’s traditional Carnival. It has been held in the surroundings of Santiago since the first half of the 19th century: the “Xenerais” (generals) ride on horseback, dressed in colourful...
The parish of Aríns in Santiago de Compostela celebrates on february 10 its traditional carnival with the so-called Xenerais da Ulla perfomance.    

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