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Accessible Santiago

Accessible Santiago

Santiago de Compostela, a city sensitive to people’s needs, welcomes tourists with special mobility requirements.

In order to ensure a convenient, accessible and integrating city for everyone, providing locals and visitors alike with the same services and enabling them to enjoy the same places, Santiago de Compostela has been implementing initiatives to eliminate architectural, urban and communication barriers and become an open city.

This is not an easy task, since World Heritage Cities involve a series of determinants and limitations, and any work involving roads and monuments has to be carried out with the maximum care and respect possible.

This effort to make Compostela a city for everyone is featured in the Accessibility Guide that describes the special characteristics of its streets, monuments and services.

Despite such difficulties, Santiago de Compostela has made important progress in integrating persons with reduced mobility: improving access to the Cathedral and to some of the main monuments, museums and places of interest; facilitating mobility around most streets and squares, especially in the monumental district; enabling the enjoyment of different cultural venues and many parks and gardens, or increasing accessibility to several shopping areas.

Persons with special mobility needs now have access to the city’s tourist offices and main arrival points, as well as most car parks and parking areas, in addition to an increasing number of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and other tourist services.

In Santiago de Compostela we are continuing to work to open up the city to everyone facing different functionality challenges, so please feel WELCOME here.