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Geography and climate

Geography and climate

42º 52' North latitude 
8º 33' West longitude

Santiago de Compostela is located near the geographical centre of Galicia, Spain 's northern- and westernmost region.

The city, which is 260 metres above sea level, looks eastwards towards inland Galicia , through which the Way of St. James. advances among fertile hillocks and traditional architecture based on stone. Westwards, the Atlantic coast is only 30 kilometres away. An imaginary straight line drawn from Santiago would meet the coast halfway between the so-called Rías Baixas and Rías Altas regions, which makes for a nearby landscape of peaceful and wild beaches, fishing ports and marinas, rich gastronomy and seafaring legends.

The humid oceanic climate guarantees mild temperatures throughout the year. The annual mean temperature is around 15 o C, with an average of 8 o C in winter and a pleasant summer with temperatures ranging from 20 to 27 o C. Most of the rain falls in winter, with variable amounts in spring and autumn.