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Santiago for women

Santiago for women

Santiago de Compostela is a city committed to eliminating the gender gap affecting the different spheres of our society, including the tourist sector, which is of great importance to our city.

Santiago de Compostela is committed to developing an open and inclusive tourist model; one that is designed for women, those who visit us, whether pilgrims, tourists or participants in any of the professional meetings or events held in the city, and those who work in the sector’s numerous companies.

The city’s commitment can be seen in Compostela, Women’s Territory, a ground-breaking project by Santiago City Council for the construction of a city model based on a gender perspective. The tourist sector’s commitment involves hotels, boarding houses, cafeterias, bars, restaurants and venues adhering to a Decalogue of good practices, including the following:

Making the establishment an accessible, inclusive, safe and pleasant space for women.

Using language in an inclusive, non-discriminatory way for women in different formats: lists, menus, advertising, social networks, websites, administrative documents…

Respecting the labour rights of women that work in establishing and promoting equal opportunities with their male colleagues in their professional development, by means of the promotion and recognition of labour rights, equal pay, facilitating measures to combine family and work life…

For more information about the project Compostela, Women’s Territory, see the following website: