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20:00 | Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
20:00 | Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
20:00 | Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
20:00 | Plaza de Mazarelos
20:00 | Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
20:00 | Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval
20:00 | Auditorio Abanca
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
A piece with a strong sense of physicality at the service of a multidisciplinary dramaturgy, which weaves from maximum fiction towards essences of the human condition; to present an exercise of retro-projection towards our future as characters, performers and people.
20:30 | Teatro Principal
The son talks about the link to the parents and a place, and what is done with that. The offspring. In a way, to understand oneself as an individual who is unleashed, but entangled very deeply in a repetition of forms and facts. Something that can only be partially explained, because in the...
Dancing is dangerous, it threatens the system, it complicates the situation. Dance discomforts, affects, unsettles and complicates hegemonic ways of being. Dance, contagious and invasive, destabilises the logics of the word, threatens normative language. Dancing can be an epidemic. This dancer...
20:30 | Teatro Principal
The performance is about to begin and one of the performers does not arrive.  Before the audience enters, they decide to replace her, not with another dancer, but with a screen. On the screen will be none other than herself, but her digitised image.  MOCAP is a piece that...
20:30 | Auditorio Abanca
The company was created by the award-winning and acclaimed soloists Cristina and Alexei Terentiev, and includes soloists from Moldova and Italy among other countries. The work and effort put in over a long period of time led to the culmination of this project in a company where refined...
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
A programme of three choreographies, which make up a dance show for all kinds of audiences and to enjoy contemporary dance in all its splendour.
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
DeMente embodies a reality, a stigma, pathologies which, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), one in four people suffered, suffer or will suffer at some point in their lives. The almost carceral confinement of "demented" people in the past, the accumulation of sick people, the...
Parque de la Alameda
Every Friday in July and August, and inspired by the "Glorieta de Belgrano" in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Compostela also dances Tango in the open air during the summer.

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