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Cultural spaces and programmers

Santiago City Council -mainly by means of the Auditorium, which houses the Real Filharmonía de Galicia orchestra, and the Teatro Principal-, the University and the Xunta de Galicia -with the Salón Teatro, home to the Galician Drama Centre, Galicia´s public theatre company- are the main public programmers, with a prominent presence in the city’s daily cultural activities.

The main private cultural programmers include the city’s alternative theatres, which focus on artistic innovation and, particularly, that of young Galician creators, and have their own stable programme of theatre, dance, music, performances, puppets, cabaret, independent cinema, etc. The Cineclub Compostela and the cinema NUMAX completes this range of alternative activities.

Furthermore, there are also night venues, which generate endless cultural initiatives: in addition to live music, they also organise cabarets, magic shows, screenings of short-films, performances, etc. The Sala Capitol is the venue of modern music and numerous innovative proposals, along with the continuous programme of the old town’s clubs by means of the `Cidade Vella´ Cultural Association, which has been a driving force behind the city’s evening activities for many years.

And there are also museums and large exhibition halls, which periodically organise interesting cultural activities in addition to their exhibitions. In relation to the city´s museums, the following stand out: the cultural activities of the Galician Contemporary Art Centre –CGAC-, the `Museo do Pobo Galego´ -Museum of the Galician People- and the Eugenio Granell Museum-Foundation, and the cultural promotion work, by means of conferences, recitals, presentations, etc, and Afundación.

The ambitious cultural project called the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia -Galician City of Culture-, which integrates the Library and Archive of Galicia and the Gaiás Centre Museum, will further enhance Santiago's cultural programme and will consolidate its position as a first-rate cultural reference point on the national and international scene.