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17/09/2021 - 03/10/2021
Teatro Principal
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
The year of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the death of Emilia Pardo Bazán is celebrated with this high-level production that is closely linked to our city. This theatrical version of Los Pazos de Ulloa focuses on the confrontation between cruelty and desire, passion and...
18:00 | Salón Teatro
22/10/2021 - 24/10/2021
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
In the words of the director and playwright of the show, Xesús Ron, "NEVERMORE can refer to both talking crows and screaming peoples, but the intention is the same: to make memory. The idea is to continue using documentary procedures to create fictions from our collective memory. In this...
19:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Shock 2 begins where Shock 1 ended, which began with the rise of the monetarist doctrine of Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys, and continues to advance through the second half of the 20th century. Shock 2 begins in the 1980s, with the conservative revolution led in Europe by Margaret...
20/01/2022 - 13/03/2022
20:00 | Salón Teatro
A peste is a theatrical version by Cándido Pazó, inspired by the work of Albert Camus, with which to reflect on the behaviour of society and individuals during crisis situations.
21/01/2022 - 22/01/2022
20:00 | Teatro Principal
After 25 years of contemporary creation, Diego Anido presents a fantastic autobiography halfway between his life in Galicia in the 80s and that of an American pop star. With tenderness and absurd humour, he reflects on how each person creates a story to shape our identity with our past...
28/01/2022 - 29/01/2022
20:30 | Teatro Principal
If the plot is the story of a socially impossible relationship between a proletarian woman and a bourgeois, the work can also be read as a testimony to the political crisis that led to the fall of the Bourbon dynasty in 1868 and the proclamation of the First Republic in 1873. It was a...
20:30 | Teatro Principal
One morning, graffiti reading "GOLFA" appears in front of the door of a high school, an anonymous insult that uncovers the story that precedes it.
20:30 | Teatro Principal
Our protagonists are three soldiers of the Spanish army who are going to find themselves in the lands of the Rif after the Disaster of Annual on 22 July 1921.
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
CASTELVINES Y MONTESES is a celebration of theatre. It is putting the verse of Lope, the story of Bandello, the play of Rojas Zorrilla's version, the flight of Shakespeare and the acidity of Quevedo at the service of a show full of humour, play, music, magic, clown and dance.
07/04/2022 - 08/04/2022
20:30 | Teatro Principal
The pig, the totemic animal of stews and carnivals, takes over theatres to demonstrate its superiority over human beings. The one presented by Excéntricas is a barrack theatre, the one that fascinated and frightened us in equal parts in our childhood. A dark street lamp, a sawdust floor,...
14/04/2022 - 01/05/2022
20:00 | Salón Teatro
Ás oito da tarde, cando morren as nais is a choral quantum sustained in the void, an ironic play on the relationship between theatre and its reception.
La Panadera tells the story of Concha, a woman in her forties, a bakery manager, married, with two children. A woman with a quiet and happy life who one day wakes up to the news that an intimate video of her having sex with a partner she had 15 years ago is circulating on social networks....
A pre-adolescent girl leaves her family at a barbecue to read under a tree. With this act, a rite of passage begins, as well as the ordeal of a woman of generation Y, as a youngest daughter, doctoral student and sex worker.  I will cut down the men on the face of the earth links ...
20:30 | Teatro Principal
In this show The actress, accompanied by music on stage, unfolds in multiple voices to take a journey into the past in order to understand that strange amalgam that results from what we once wanted to be and what we are. This is a funny, brave and profound play, a celebration of the one who is...
27/04/2022 - 04/05/2022
The XXII Mostra de Teatro Universitario de Galicia will take place from 27 April to 4 May at the Teatro Principal, the Auditorio Abanca and the Sala de Teatro Roberto Vidal Bolaño. All performances will be at 20.30 hours.
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Decadencia is a caustic, provocative play that haunts the audience, cornering them and often forcing them to laugh to keep from crying.
19:00 | La Salle
Carmen Alcayde and Carolina Noriega are two very different birds to share the stage, but Nerea Garmendia arrived with her multiple flaws, and they asked themselves: what do we do with this one? Well, let's put her in the show and at least let her give the audience a good show.
19/05/2022 - 29/05/2022
20:00 | Salón Teatro
20:30 | Teatro Principal
One morning, graffiti reading "GOLFA" appears in front of the door of a high school, an anonymous insult that uncovers the story that precedes it.
(Some subtitles. Which can be chapters, which are motivations)  The devil on the beach.  Lucifer, the light bearer. The most beautiful angel in heaven who, for defying God's creative power, is condemned. The fallen angel.  Deleuze's umbrella. The struggle against chaos....
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Dressed in a formal suit in which he does not quite feel comfortable, complying with the preceptive protocol, the playwright, or perhaps an actress friend whom he has asked to represent him in the solemn act, is going to enter the Academy with a speech entitled Silencio (Silence). His...
16/09/2022 - 02/10/2022
Teatro Principal
Amateur theatre companies present their productions.

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