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Manuela Rey is in da house
Manuela Rey is in da house
14/03/2024 - 16/03/2024
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Manuela Rey, “the lily woman”, is more than a line in the book of burials at the Praceres cemetery, in Lisbon. It is a mystery that begins in Mondoñedo, in a village house, in 1842, and ends at the Dona María II National Theater, in Lisbon. From Mondoñedo to Lisbon. From Galicia to Portugal. 23 years of life. 23 years of theater. How to rebuild a life where we only have loose and contradictory pieces?

  • Stage direction and dramaturgy: Fran Nuñez
  • Cast: Mariana Carballal, Neto Portela, Nuno J. Loureiro, Rafaela Sá, Raquel Crespo, Teresa Vieira, Xosé Lois Romero
  • Set design and costumes: Pedro Azevedo
  • Light design: Nuno Meira
  • Support for the movement: Guilherme Sousa
  • Support for creation: Neto Portela
  • Texts: Paula Ballesteros,
  • Music: Xosé Lois Romero
  • Research archaeologist at INCIPIT/CSIC: Paula Ballesteros
  • Documentation transfer: Andrés García, Antonio Reigosa, Consello da Cultura Galega, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, Museo Nacional do Teatro


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Manuela Rey is in da house
Manuela Rey is in da house

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Manuela Rey is in da house
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