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Homenaxe a Gustav Henningsen
Homenaxe a Gustav Henningsen
20/12/2023 - 29/12/2024
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Photographs kept at the Museo do Pobo Galego thanks to the generosity of the anthropologist and his wife, Marisa Rey, who in 2019 donated their Photographic Collection (1965-98) (Fondo Fotográfico Rey-Henningsen. Archivo Gráfico del Museo do Pobo Galego) to this Museum of all Galicians. Earlier, in 2009, they had already donated the sound recordings to the ILG and, in 2020, their bibliographic and documentary collection to the Public University of Navarre.

Henningsen travelled around Galicia photographing the everyday, that which until then no one had captured. The immense value of his photographs is due to the fact that they were taken by an anthropologist, not a professional photographer, so the focus was not so much on the image as on the social behaviour in it. 

In this selection that we now make, from the first exhibition we produced with his materials, Galicia Mágica I: Reportaxe de un mundo desaparecido, there is no lack of photographic strips on popular Galician beliefs and religiosity, two aspects that no one portrayed as well as Henningsen.

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Homenaxe a Gustav Henningsen
Homenaxe a Gustav Henningsen

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Homenaxe a Gustav Henningsen
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