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Bosque animado (con Ángeles)
Bosque animado (con Ángeles)
01/02/2024 - 15/03/2024
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Bosque animado (con Ángeles)

"We have to exhibit together one day," he would say to Ángeles. She would reply with a gesture: "You're crazy, concentrate on your own thing". This walk through the Fraga de Cecebre (A Coruña), where Wenceslao Fernández Flórez drew inspiration for his book El Bosque Animado, is intended as a memory and homage to those moments when lights and dreams surround us and whisper to us like the trees in the novel. Ángeles Sales painted a series in which she embraced the trees with paper. She rubbed them with her hands to leave the imprint of their bark on them and then coloured them with watercolours. He called it Bosque, nuestro bosque animado (Forest, our animated forest). Signed M.S.

Vari Caramés.

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Bosque animado (con Ángeles)
Bosque animado (con Ángeles)

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Rúa da Virxe da Cerca 24, Santiago de Compostela, 15703
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Bosque animado (con Ángeles)
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