Palacio de Congresos e Exposicións de Galicia (congress and exhibition hall)

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Palacio de Congresos e Exposicións de Galicia (congress and exhibition hall)

Architects: Alberto Noguerol and Pilar Díez.
Date:  1991-1995
Location: Rúa de Miguel Ferro Caaveiro.

When the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Galicia was designed, its location was an outlying area of the city, with large empty spaces, whose overall aspect was somewhat disorderly. This large building has its back to the approach road, orienting its portico towards the interior of its enclosure. This layout is only one of the subtle and intelligent ambiguities that this building offers spectators. Its formal severity and functional clarity reveals a rich world of second interpretations to the alert observer.

The building is conceived as a large low-lying prism, enclosed by large pieces of prefabricated concrete. At the centre there are two large auditoriums, whose stages are situated face to face, which are housed in a second prism covered by stone. This volume stands out above the surrounding exterior, characterising the building's outline. Around this volume, contained within the building's exterior perimeter, there is a large empty space, which functions as a buffet of both auditoriums. All of the small meeting rooms, the cafeteria and different offices are located in the long sides of the rectangular ground plan.

The interior elements have been designed with severity and elegance, using exclusively the natural colour of the different materials: veined stone, metal, wood'

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Rúa de Miguel Ferro Caaveiro , Santiago de Compostela, 15707

Entrance to the building is limited to the participants in the congresses and other activities held therein.

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