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Today is saturday 31 january, it is 4ºC and partly cloudy in Santiago

What is the Way

During more than a thousand years, the Way of St. James has led pilgrims as far as the sanctuary of one of Christendom’s apostles: St. James the Greater. His tomb, discovered one night in the year 813 on the sacred hill of Libredón, under a shower of stars, would become the foundational stone of a prodigious Cathedral and a city that, from then on, would attract the footsteps of travellers until becoming a destination featuring traces and echoes from all over Europe.

Every time pilgrims start along the old continental roads of the Way of St. James, they set in motion an ancient search mechanism common to all Christendom: the journey to Salvation. And, at the same time, they are immersed in the profoundly human experience of the discovery. Just as the routes leading to Santiago are many, numerous also are the ways of attaining the most intimate discovery, the one that all pilgrims claim to experience as they advance along the routes of chance encounters or solitude, of voices and silence, of shady landscapes or dry plains, in search of a single goal: Santiago de Compostela.