Extension of Political Science Faculty
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Extension of Political Science Faculty

Project: Extension of Political Science Faculty
Architects: Rafael Baltar, José Antonio Bartolomé, Carlos Almuíña
Date:  1998-1999
Location: South Campus

Baltar, Bartolomé and Almuíña have been designing important buildings in Santiago for decades, including restoration work on the Cathedral, the FENOSA building or the new Courthouse complex. Among all of these constructions, a recent project stands out: the extension of the Political Science Faculty. Conceived as an independent pavilion connected to the old faculty, it is a strict and sober project, in which the precision in the design of its exterior and the total lack of gratuitous formal features are its most outstanding virtues.

The new building contains different lecture rooms, a graduation hall and a large lecture theatre. This simple programme is resolved by means of an elongated prism, aligned in an east-west direction, with all of the lecture rooms facing north, receiving light from spacious openings, and the corridors facing south, with narrow and very low openings. The marked horizontality of the south façade is interrupted at the centre by a vertical element of exposed concrete, which contains stairs and lifts.

The buildings outer layer underlines its abstract and silent nature. It is made of sheets of steel lacquered in dark grey in which the openings, whose metalwork is of the same colour and material, is flush with the exterior plane.

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Extension of Political Science Faculty
Extension of Political Science Faculty

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The interior of the building can be visited during lecture timetable.