estado do tempo
Today is friday 30 january, it is 10ºC and drizzle in Santiago

Time zone

Santiago is in the UTC+01:00 time zone, the same as Madrid, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw or Copenhagen.

As in most European countries, the official time varies during the year: the clocks go forward an hour on the last Sunday in March (change from winter to summer time) and go back an hour on the last Sunday in October (change from summer to winter time).

Time differences

Time zone
UTC + 1 h
(UTC: Universal Coordinated Time, based on the Greenwich Meridian)

Time differences
City Hours City Hours
Los Angeles -9 New York -6
Havana -6 Rio de Janeiro -4
London -1 Paris 0
Warsaw 0 Johannesburg 0
Jerusalem +1 Nairobi +1
New Delhi +4 Beijing +6
Tokyo +7 Sydney +8
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