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Gastronomy Route

Why is the food in Santiago so good' We are going to find out thanks to this gastronomy route, a walking tour around Compostela’s “tastiest” spots, from streets devoted entirely to the pleasures of dining to traditional food shops and the popular “Mercado de Abastos” (food market). Hence, among strings of chorizos, mountains of seafood and cheese aromas, the walk will introduce us to the keys to Atlantic gastronomy, to the secrets of the most traditional foods and cooking methods.

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Gastronomy Route 8. Gelmírez Palace 1. A sweet start 2. Wines and tapas 3. Franco, sea delicacies 4. Treasures in grocer’s shops 5. “Mercado de Abastos,” the cathedral of flavours 6. Praza de Cervantes 7. Convent desserts