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Route Domus Dei: enclosed convents

Enclosed convents.
A tour around places of contemplation and silence.

Santiago de Compostela features countless monumental riches, among which religious heritage stands out, especially enclosed convents and monasteries. Shrouded in mystery and hidden behind tall walls, bars and lattice windows, time seems to stand still within them. They are places of silence, of serenity, of an austere and contemplative lifestyle, of devotion to God. We invite you to go on a tour around Santiago de Compostela’s enclosed convents, so that can you discover their history and heritage and be absorbed by their atmosphere of meditation and peace. And, naturally, sample the nuns’ exquisite baking.

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Route Domus Dei: enclosed convents Enclosed monastery of San Paio de Antealtares Enclosed convent of the blessed virgin Mary of Mercy Enclosed convent of Santa María de Belvís Enclosed convent of Santa Clara Enclosed convent of O Carme de Arriba