6. Praza de Cervantes

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6. Praza de Cervantes

The fact that Praza de Cervantes used to be called, centuries ago, Plaza del Pan (Bread Square) or Plaza del Campo (Country Square) indicates that it used to be the location of the most important medieval market. Its crowds received the Apostle pilgrims, who entered through Compostela’s walls via Porta do Camiño and continued on towards the Cathedral. This old market gradually specialised into guilds and occupied other streets featuring evocative names, such as Pescadería Vella, Carnicería or Campo do Forno.

All that is left of that market in Cervantes are the delicacies that attract our attention in the small, multicoloured shopwindow of Ultramarinos Cepeda, and the books on Galician cuisine in Libraría Couceiro. In an adjacent street, A Troia, we will find a bakery of the same name, which sells all kinds of bread, pies, biscuits, cookies and artisan desserts. You can also order Jewish desserts.

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Praza de Cervantes, 7-11, Santiago de Compostela, 15782
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