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Early 18th c. Baroque.
This baroque building was built to house the cathedral canons. It was originally designed by Domingo de Andrade, although its construction was completed in 1730 by Casas y Novoa. It closes the south side of Praza da Quintana.

It is structured as a block of four houses with an attractive continuous porch joining the four buildings. Its style is very classicist in contrast to the 'Casa da Parra' situated at the top of the square.

The house on the right presently houses Campus Stellae, a complex in charge of the European Institute postgrade, an art space and co-working centre, as well as a private pilgrim attention office. The rest is occupied by shops, restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

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Casa da Conga Casa da Conga Casa da Conga

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Praza da Quintana de Mortos, Santiago de Compostela, 15704
Present use

Home of Campus Stellae.

981 55 24 00

VISITABLE. Open: Monday-Friday: 11 am-1 pm and 7-9 pm.