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Antigo Colexio dos Irlandeses (Former Irish College) - Pazo de Ramirás

17th and 18th c.

During the reign of Elizabeth I of England (16th c.), thousands of Irish fled to the continent due to the queen's political and religious persecution. The exiled Irish formed their own communities in several European countries in order to train priests who would be the future clergy of Ireland.

The college in Santiago was the second of five that were opened in Spain. The Jesuit Thomas White asked Felipe II for permission in 1603. The College continued until 1770, when it disappeared due to the expulsion of the Jesuits decreed by Carlos III. The 'Pazo' of Ramirás was built on the site of its ruins.

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Antigo Colexio dos Irlandeses - Pazo de Ramirás Antigo Colexio dos Irlandeses - Pazo de Ramirás

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