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Monument to 'As Marías'
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Bronze sculpture made by César Lombera (1994) located at the beginning of the Alameda Park.

Coralia and Maruja Fandiño, real characters, were two very popular sisters of Santiago by the second half of 20th century. They used to go for a walk to the Alameda every day at two o’clock wearing clothes which were not common at that time. The nickname 'As [Tres] Marías' (The [Three] Marys) is used because they were three sisters and in contrast with the Three Marys of the Bible (The Mother of Jesus, Mary Salome and Mary Magdalen). The monument represents two of them.

Also known as 'Las dos en punto' ("Two o'clock").

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Monument to 'As Marías'
Monument to 'As Marías'

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Prolongación Campo San Clemente, Santiago de Compostela, 15705