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Entire city

Variable date corresponding to the sixth Thursday after Easter Sunday (May 13 to 22 in 2015)

The Ascension Festival, the city’s second-most important after the Apostle Santiago Festival, in honour of the city’s patron saint, has a variable date corresponding to the sixth Thursday after Easter Sunday. This festival, which lasts for almost a fortnight, is one of the city’s most appealing ones. This is due to its cultural and recreational events, as well as the participation of the city’s university students before their final exams.

In addition to cultural activities (concerts, theatre, passacaglias, etc), the year’s most characteristic and important cattle market is held, along with riding displays, in the Amio showground. During this festival, it is typical to go for a portion of “pulpo á feira” (Galician-style octopus) at the stands of the “pulpeiras”, who are to be found in the Santa Susana oak grove during these days.

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