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Very close to Santiago: Vila de Cruces

The swimming area of A Carixa, in Merza, is located only a few kilometres from the Baños da Brea Spa, the monastery of Carboeiro and the Fervenza do Toxa waterfall. It is located in a spacious recreational area on the banks of the River Deza, where there is also a children’s playground, bio-health park, tables, bar, restaurant, landscaped area, toilets and walk. The area is energetically self-sufficient since it is equipped with solar panels.

The area is equipped as a camper area, with a car park, laundry area and wastewater collection.

In summer, it is a fantastic swimming area that attracts numerous bathers since, in addition to the river, there are also two swimming pools (one for adults and another for children).

The A Carixa festival is held on August 14.

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Merza, Vila de Cruces, 36586
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