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Traditional Galician

Fogar de Galicia. Fogar de Santiso

Traditional Galician Delivery Take away
Rúa do Franco, 36, 15702

Restaurant featuring a show charcoal grill, where almost all ingredients are from its own ecological and seasonal production.



Food Tambre - Galuresa

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa Vía Edison, 259, 15890

Slow food.


Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa das Ameas, 6, 15704

Establishment in “Nave” (Building) 5 of the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market), specialising in select canned foods with small preparations and international wines.



Spanish cuisine
Rúa dos Bautizados, 1 - Praza Fonterrabía, 5, 15702

Sports Bar. Homemade cuisine. 

Góndola II

Italian Delivery
Diego de Muros, 1, 15701

Italian, Galician and Spanish cuisine. Clay-baked meat. Pizzeria. Elements of Brazilian cuisine.



New cuisine
Rúa de Montero Ríos, 16, 15706

Homemade cuisine, specialising in fish dishes. Menu of the day.


Hoy No Cozino - Croquetería HNC

Spanish cuisine Delivery Take away
Rúa dos Feáns, 25A (Callejón de Derecho), 15705


Traditional Galician
Praza Roxa, 4, 15701

Tradition cuisine featuring top-quality ingredients, such as Galician veal or local fish.


La Finca

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa de San Lázaro, 103, 15703

Restaurant and cafeteria of the Hotel San Jacobo.


La Galiciana

World Cuisine
Rúa de Gómez Ulla, 1, 15702

Gastronomy market. 

La Jefatura

Wine, tapas and portions
Avenida de Figueroa, 1, 15705

Tapas and wine bar.


La Tacita de Juan

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Hórreo, 31 , 15701

Varied menu featuring traditional Galician cuisine and tapas. 


La Tita

Traditional Galician Take away
Rúa Nova, 46, 15705

Restaurant featuring traditional Galician cuisine, well known for its specialty: Spanish omelette.



Wine, tapas and portions
Costa de San Marcos, 38, 15820

Homemade meals, tapas and portions. 


Los Caracoles

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa da Raíña, 14, 15702

Typical dishes of Galician cuisine. 

Quality Sicted 

Mamá Peixe

Vegetarian Take away
Rúa da Algalia de Arriba, 45, 15704

Atlantic, traditional, emigrant, contemporary, garden, Galician and seafood cuisine.


Mar de Esteiro

Traditional Galician
Sionlla Abaixo, 2 , 15884

Bib Gourmand restaurant in the 2020 Michelin Guide, serving traditional Galician food. 


María Castaña

Rúa da Raíña, 19, 15702

Restaurant specialising in Galician cuisine. 



Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa das Ameas - Plaza de Abastos, 15704

Restaurant located in “Nave” (Building) 5 of the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market). 


Mesón 42

Rúa do Franco, 42 , 15702

Wine, draught beer and traditional Galician cuisine.