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Traditional Galician


Spanish cuisine
Rúa do Vilar, 29, 15705

Galician and Spanish homemade cuisine since 1976.

Parrillada Tordoya

Grilled Take away
Rúa do Tambre, 189, 15898

Homemade cuisine. Specializing in barbecued meat. Menu of the day, portions. Affordable prices.

Paz Nogueira

Spanish cuisine
Rúa do Castiñeiriño, 14, 15702

Charming restaurant opened in 1840, featuring Spanish cuisine and seasonal specialties with several dining rooms and a terrace.


Pedra Santa

Traditional Galician
San Marcos, 18, 15890

Restaurant specialising in Galician cuisine, seafood, fish, charcoal-grilled meat, lamb, rice dishes, “cocidogallego” (Galician stew).


Pepe Payá

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Cardeal Payá, 8, 15703

Market-based menu and platters of Iberian cold meats. Menu of the day.


Puerta del Camino

Spanish cuisine
Rúa de Miguel Ferro Caaveiro, 15707

Restaurant of the Hotel Oca Puerta del Camino, where you can experience haute cuisine based on fresh, market produce.



Reasonably priced menus Take away
Rúa das Galeras, 28, 15705

Traditional cuisine. Reasonably priced menus.


Reasonably priced menus Take away
Rúa Letonia, 2, 15898

Traditional Galician cuisine made with love and dedication. Menús for reasonable prices.


Gluten-free Take away
Rúa dos Bautizados, 15702

Seafood cuisine & tapas. Naturally cooked seafood from our Rías, with no disguise. Traditional Galician food. 

Dogs welcome in the arcade room :)

Quality Sicted 

Restaurante dos Reis

Traditional Galician
Praza do Obradoiro, Costa do Cristo, 15705

Restaurant of the Parador Hostal dos Reis Católicos, with one Sun in the 2020 Repsol Guide; it serves modern, creative cuisine.



Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa de Abril Ares, 4, 15782


Rúa do Franco, 16, 15702

Restaurant featuring traditional Galician cuisine; it specialises in seafood and rice dishes.



Rúa dos Bautizados 8, 15702

Riquiñas is the first Take Away specialized in the art of Galician pancakes, located in the charming old town of Santiago de Compostela, 10 meters away from Plaza del Toural. Where walkers from all over the world and locals can enjoy one of the most typical and historical meals in Galicia filled with the tastiest gourmet products.


Roi Xordo

Traditional Galician
Cuesta de San Marcos, 1, 15891

Restaurant of the Hotel Santiago Apóstol, which serves a great variety of regional dishes.


Ruta Jacobea

Lavacolla 41, 15891

Restaurant of the Hotel Ruta Jacobea, which pays special attention to Galician cuisine without overlooking international and seasonal cuisine.



Rúa das Ameas, 10 - Mercado de Abastos - Nave 5, 15704
Traditional Galician cuisine with an avant-garde touch.


San Clemente

Rúa de San Clemente, 6, 15705

Seafood restaurant with a variety of tapas served at the bar; classic dining room with white tablecloths, private area and comfortable terrace.


San Francisco

New cuisine
Campiño de San Francisco, 3 , 15782

Restaurant of the Hotel Monumento San Francisco, which serves a refined selection of recipes based on natural ingredients and traditional, slow cooking.


San Jaime

Wine, tapas and portions
Praza de Fonseca, 7, 15782

The seafood platter, rice and Norway lobster or fish and seafood “caldeirada” (stew) are some of this restaurant’s specialties. 


Quality Sicted 

San Lázaro

Traditional Galician
Rúa do Valiño, 4, 15707

Restaurant featuring traditional Galician cuisine. Its specialties include “caldo” (broth), “carne ao caldeiro” (stewed meat) or tripe.