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Santiago's Entertainment Guide

12 matches: 11 Music | 1 Fairs


21:00 | Sala Capitol
'Familia Caamagno' presents their new album 'Había que intentalo' with a concert in the Sala Capitol in which 'Oh Ayatollah' will also participate. +Info
21:30 | Sala Capitol
After the success of their first album, Bailando as rúas, A banda da Loba presents their second work, Fábrica de luz, composed of twelve songs that promise not to leave anyone indifferent.  A banda da Loba is music with an M for woman, diversity, energy and kaleidoscopic...
22:00 | Borriquita de Belem
Blues and Soul in Galician language
22:00 | Moon Music Club
TOXO is a kick in the teeth, a tremendously powerful sound, a very personal voice, and lyrics that turn everything upside down. This group of Galician origin and members from 3 countries, has grown under the influence of the great "power trio" of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Rock&Roll. A...
21:15 | Sala Capitol
Ruxe Ruxe is undoubtedly the reference band of Galician rock. With 23 years of career, 12 LPs in the market and more than two hundred original songs published, they are in their best moment. With renewed energy, they present their new album.    
21:15 | Sala Capitol
MONOULIOUS DOP returns to the Sala Capitol to present, in world premiere, their new album "Black album". Come to enjoy and dance and get ready to sweat because it's going to be a real hell in the middle of the winter season.
21:30 | Sala Malatesta
The best of Galician hip hop gathered to celebrate the anniversary of Old Skull.
21:00 | Sala Malatesta
When the chifro sounds and rolls the tarazana, the knives and razors leave the pockets and drawer bottoms, where they sleep. They occupy the street. They look for a new edge. They seek to cut again. In these ungrateful times it is good to have a sharp knife at hand. Our knife is the song. So is...
21:00 | Sala Malatesta
The Sala Malatesta hosts the II Sons de Breogán Festival, a platform to promote Galician non-commercial music. With the performance of Rebeliom do Inframundo, Cuarta Xusta and Samu Acaracán e os Tintafemia.
19:00 | Auditorio de Galicia
SÉS presents a new album 'Liberar as arterias' with which she continues to evolve her particular sound that consecrated her at the top, and which includes an anthology of songs with lyrics and music composed by the singer herself. A seventh album that maintains and enhances her...


Plaza de Cervantes
Fair of Rosalian products with musical performances, theatre, regueifa and workshops.