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Santiago's Entertainment Guide


20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
SÉS presents a new album 'Liberar as arterias' with which she continues to evolve her particular sound that consecrated her at the top, and which includes an anthology of songs with lyrics and music composed by the singer herself. A seventh album that maintains and enhances her...
20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Mercedes Peón comes to the Auditorio de Galicia with her show Osmose, an audiovisual and musical performance in which she is accompanied by the artists Peque Varela and Laura Iturralde.
21:00 | Cidade da Cultura de Galicia
20:30 | Colegiata Santa María a Real do Sar
Carlos Núñez's Lugares Máxicos tour visits emblematic places in Galicia and celebrates the 25th anniversary of his first album, the legendary "A Irmandade das Estrelas", with a new album, released by Sony, featuring special collaborations with Rozalén, Tanxugueiras,...
21/09/2022 - 25/09/2022
20:30 | Teatro Principal
19:00 | Teatro Principal
21:00 | Sala Capitol
Familia Caamagno presents their latest album: "O mundo está derrotado".  A unique concert where they will be surrounded by friends and where there will be a lot of unforgettable collaborations.
19:00 | Museo de las Peregrinaciones y de Santiago
The new album by Xoán Curiel Treides conmigo! is presented in Santiago in trio format. Voices and guitar by Xoán Curiel, accompanied by Bleuenn Le Friec on the harp and Álex Salgueiro on the flutes.  An extraordinary opportunity to listen to the small format of...
21:00 | Modus Vivendi
21:00 | Sala Capitol
La Farruca Producciones is organising this concert with three of the most powerful bands on the current Galician music scene: Sr. Salvaje, Trikornio and Los Pretty.
21:15 | Sala Capitol
Monoulious DOP returns to the Sala Capitol to celebrate their 10th anniversary and with a new album under their ears, their "Disco Disko" with 12 new tracks in Disco, funkipop and electronica that you can buy in the same room and that make the group keep their transgressive identity without...
21:00 | Sala Capitol
SUPEROITO (Ordes) celebrate their TENTH ANNIVERSARY in the Sala Capitol. They do it coinciding with the presentation of their third album under the slogan "10 Anos de Rock, 10 Convidadas de Luxo" in which they reinvent their best songs surrounded by friends of reference bands in Galicia, and...


16/12/2022 - 18/12/2022
Christmas festival dedicated to the creative talent of artists, artisans, producers and entrepreneurs in Galicia: fashion design brands and accessories, handmade toys, jewelry and jewelry, illustration and stationery, decoration, ceramics, household objects...


12/05/2022 - 29/05/2022
O QUE NON SE ESCRIBE (WHAT IS NOT WRITTEN) is a conference of learning and experimentation on our sound heritage, a sharing of the most current projects around traditional music from a perspective that is as unique as it is global. A unique project that focuses on the process from the most...


29/04/2022 - 28/05/2022
Colexio de Fonseca
The project for the construction of the medieval musical instruments represented in the Pórtico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (1990-1991), developed by a multidisciplinary team of international experts under the direction of professors José López...
15/11/2022 - 25/11/2022
Colexio de Fonseca
The year 2022 marks the centenary of the birth of Carlos López García-Picos (1922-2009), a composer from Betanzos who emigrated to Buenos Aires and studied in Paris.

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