Casa Marcelo
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Marcelo Tejedor, owner and cook of Casa Marcelo, is currently one of the fundamental references of the New Galician Cuisine transmitting his knowledge through the Nove Group, founded in 1992 and reach its presidency in 2007. The cooking of Marcelo has a strong basis on the Galician tradition and the high quality of sea, vegetable and farm goods of the Abastos Market of Santiago de Compostela where he goes everyday shopping personally. However, the cooking of Marcelo is full of the creative spirit and even rebel of this Galician cook, educated together with cooks as relevant asJacques Maximin or Juan Mari Arzak, searching for the perfection in his work.


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Casa Marcelo

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Rúa das Hortas, 1, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
981 558 580
sunday night and monday