Abastos 2.0
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What is Abastos 2.0? Not a bar, a cafe, or even a restaurant. We prefer to define ourselves as a gastronomic space.

A kitchen counter that doubles as a sideboard divides a showcase 21st-century kitchen from a snug ambience where you can relish the market’s gastronomic pleasures. A counter that becomes a display, decor that echoes Galician winecellars, strategically placed serving points, lighting cunningly positioned for its dramatic effect... all of this a testament to our passion, our intent. Design, tradition and produce unite in a building that dates back to 1873. This is Abastos 2.0.

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Abastos 2.0
Abastos 2.0

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Praza de Abastos, casetas 13-18, Santiago de Compostela, 15704
981 576 145
Telephone 2
645 053 470
Sundays and Mondays