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Traditional Galician

A Barrola

Rúa do Franco, 29, 15702

Seafood restaurant also specialising in fish dishes, rice stew, T-bone steak and seasonal cuisine.


A Carrilana

Spanish cuisine
Rúa de San Paio de Antealtares, 15704

Café bar that also serves tapas, portions, cocktails and spirits.


A Casa dos Xacobes

Rúa da Algalia de Abaixo, 33, 15704

A Charca

Wine, tapas and portions
Rúa do Franco,32, 15702

Traditional Galician cuisine since 1970. Dishes based on traditional recipes.


A Lonxa do Mercado

Wine, tapas and portions
Praza de San Fiz de Solovio, 15704

Gastropub specialising in meat, seafood and fish dishes.


A Moa

Rúa de San Pedro, 32, 15703

Traditional Galician cuisine with a special touch, in an establishment featuring a terrace and garden at the back.


A Nave de Vidán

Traditional Galician Delivery Take away
Avenida da Mestra Victoria Míguez, 44, 15706

Dishes and aperitifs of Galician cuisine in a café bar and minimalist restaurant, with a cultural space for events.


A Noiesa

Traditional Galician
Rúa do Franco, 40, 15702

Galician restaurant specialising in seafood, rice and octopus dishes.


A Quinta da Auga - Restaurante Filigrana

Traditional Galician
Paseo da Amaia, 23 Brandía, Vidán, 15885

Santiago’s only Relais & Châteaux restaurant, located in a charming hotel and spa called A Quinta da Auga. Traditional Galician cuisine by the chef Federico López.


A Taberna da Feira

Wine, tapas and portions
Salgueiriños, 24, 15705

Specialists in the best charcoal-grilled Galician meat.



New cuisine
Avenida do Burgo das Nacións,

Restaurant of the Hotel NH Collection, where the chef Nacho Martínez serves modern Galician cuisine based on respect for taste.



Traditional Galician
Rúa do Franco, 15702

Traditional cuisine, featuring fresh and seasonal produce. Menu of the day.


Al punto

Spanish cuisine
Avenida de Rosalía de Castro, 15706

Restaurant of the Hotel Santiago Peregrino. Its buffet features a great variety of salads, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, and desserts.




Spanish cuisine
Rúa da Volta do Castro, 34-40, 15706

Restaurant located on the grounds of Finca da Rocha. An elegant, sophisticated space with spacious, comfortable tables where you can enjoy Galician gastronomy.




Traditional Galician
Rúa das Ameas, 6, 15704

Restaurant located in “Nave” (Building) 5 of the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market). New cuisine wrapped in tradition, specialising in “filloas” (Galician crepes) with filling.



Traditional Galician
Costa de San Domingos, 2, 15703

Restaurant specialising in Galician produce. 


Tránsito dos Gramáticos

New cuisine
Tránsito dos Gramáticos, 1, 15703

Dishes of Spanish and Galician gastronomy, based on farm and sea products.


Auga e Sal

Spanish cuisine
Rúa da de Santo Antonio,8, 15702

A cosy restaurant featuring a mix of stone and wood. Its kitchen serves cuisine with a modern touch, featuring creative details and up to three evocative menus.


Bar Polígono

Traditional Galician
Via Galileo-Pª Ind. Tambre s/n, 15898

Self-service restaurant serving homemade food, specialising in Tia Maria-flavoured cod and roast pork knuckle.



Wine, tapas and portions Take away
Avenida de Ferrol, 54, 15706

Specialising in soups, salads or fish and roast meat. Menu of the day.