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A place to enjoy a variety of tapas accompanied by fine wine or beer.    
It might not appear in all the guides, but from Praza de Galicia towards the south of the city, we cannot overlook Compostela’s...
Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs
Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs. Located in Centro Comercial As Cancelas. 
Sandwiches, salads, drinks and aperitifs
The fact that Praza de Cervantes used to be called, centuries ago, Plaza del Pan (Bread Square) or Plaza del Campo (Country Square) indicates...
Leaving behind Praza de Cervantes and going along Rúa Casas Reais, where we will also come across modern restaurants, we will come to...
Seafood restaurant also specialising in fish dishes, rice stew, T-bone steak and seasonal cuisine.
Café bar that also serves tapas, portions, cocktails and spirits.  
Traditional Galician cuisine since 1970. Dishes based on traditional recipes.