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Ideal for lunch, tapas or the first drink of the weekend.  
Tapas bar specialising in local cold meat and cheese.    
Restaurant of the Hotel Santiago Peregrino. Its buffet features a great variety of salads, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, and...
Restaurant located on the grounds of Finca da Rocha. An elegant, sophisticated space with spacious, comfortable tables where you can enjoy...
Restaurant located in “Nave” (Building) 5 of the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market). New cuisine wrapped in tradition,...
Restaurant specialising in Galician produce.   
Bar specialising in aperitifs. It also features a wide range of portions, set meals and menu of the day.  
Sandwich and wine bar where you can savour real delicacies between pieces of bread, while enjoying a variety of exceptional wines.  
Tapas, croquettes and other dishes of Spanish cuisine, in a pleasant gastropub with a modern look and outdoor terrace.  
Traditional Asian dishes in a great variety of presentations.