Sarela River Walkway
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This walkway is per se a world of its own, completely separate from the city; it runs through woodland and suggests excursion, adventure, discovery and direct contact with nature. It follows the small river Sarela and reveals the historical importance of such watercourses as regards shaping the landscape: bridges, irrigation ditches, channels, waterwheels, tanneries... Such tanneries played an important role in the city's economic development from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, as we can see throughout this route that begins at the Ponte Sarela tannery and ends at the Carme de Abaixo tannery, which has now been converted into a housing complex.

The path is shady, as if it were a natural pergola, thanks to the oak trees and Galicia's typical riverside vegetation: alders, birches, willows, etc.

Technical data:

Duration of park tour: 30 minutes
Topography: minimum slope
Open: 24 hours
Special botanical interest
Special monumental interest
Extensive shandy areas
Posibility of cycling
Nearby parking areas

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Sarela River Walkway
Sarela River Walkway

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Ribeira de San Lourenzo, Santiago de Compostela, 15705