San Lourenzo Oak Grove
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The Convent of San Lourenzo de Trasouto was founded at the beginning of the 12th century in a shady oak grove on the banks of the River Sarela. Outside this building, which was eventually turned into a palace ('pazo' in Galician) and is now a distinguished restaurant for special occasions, there is still a luxuriant grove of centuries-old oak trees.

Since the oak is Galicia's most typical tree -often linked to myths and legends- 'carballeiras' (the Galician name for oak groves) have always been areas used for meetings, processions, fiestas and celebrations; quasi-sacred, shady, magical... places. Among the trees there is a fountain and two 'cruceiros', large stone crosses that marked the roads and are one of Galicia's identifying features.

Technical data:

Extension: 8.287 m2
Duration of park tour: 5 minutes
Topography:minimum slope
Open: 24 hours
Special botanical interest
Special monumental interest
Extensive shandy areas
Extensive lawns
Areas with benches for resting
Posibility of cycling
Accesibility for the handicapped
Drinking fountains
Children's playground
Night lighting
Nearby parking areas

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San Lourenzo Oak Grove
San Lourenzo Oak Grove

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Costa do Cano, Santiago de Compostela, 15705