Bosque de Galicia (Forest of Galicia)
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The Bosque de Galicia (Forest of Galicia) rises up on the slopes of Monte Gaiás with 7,000 native trees (oaks, chestnuts, willows, birches, alders, hawthorns, service trees and laurels…), a new 24-hectare green space that increases the area’s biodiversity and enhances Santiago’s environmental metabolism, while helping to integrate the “Cidade da Cultura” (City of Culture) into Compostela, so that visitors can reach it on foot.

A 3-km network of footpaths favours its use as a place for strolling in contact with nature. The footpaths also enable you to go up Monte Gaiás, choosing itineraries with more or less gentle slopes, illuminated by a low-energy photovoltaic system. It features resting areas and a beautiful viewpoint at the top, where you will discover one of the least-known views of Santiago. There you can sit on a west-facing bench to enjoy a privileged panoramic view of Compostela’s sunsets.

Dozens of residents and schoolchildren helped to plant the trees, thus symbolising the fact that the Forest of Galicia is the forest of all Galicians. This project, based on Eisenman Architects’ original idea, is the result of collaboration among four of the Galician Government’s departments: Culture, Education and University Regulation; Countryside; Economy, Employment and Industry, and Environment and Territorial Regulation, with expert advice provided by the Juana de Vega Foundation’s Galician Landscaping School and particularly by its director, Isabel Aguirre, a renowned landscaper whose exceptional projects in Galicia include San Domingos de Bonaval Park.

The species selection and plantation work was carried out by the public company Servizos Agrarios (SEAGA), with the participation of members of AMICOS (Association of Families with Intellectually Disabled Members). The initial layout was designed by Perea+Euroestudios, while RVR architects took care of the furniture and different architectural solutions, lighting design, as well as the final layout and completion of the paths.

Second phase

In August 2017, work began on the second phase of the Forest of Galicia. This project added ten hectares, with 4,500 native trees, to the forest.
This new work, which is being carried out by the Seaga public company, affects the hill’s southwest slope. When it is finished, the Forest of Galicia will cover a total area of 34 hectares with close to 12,000 new trees.

The second phase also includes the construction of 2 more kilometres of paths, in addition to the 3.2 that already exist, resulting in a total of more than 5 kilometres of footpaths.

The new paths will make it easier for visitors to walk from the Sar River to the City of Culture, arriving in the surroundings of the museum, the Literary Garden and the Hejduk Towers. The project also features what will be the main entrance to the Forest of Galicia via Diego Bernal Street.

Practical info

Area: 24 hectares

Open: Every day from 7 am to 11 pm

Footpaths: 3 km

Resting area and viewpoint

There are two entrances from Avenida Diego Bernal and another two from the “Cidade da Cultura” (City of Culture).

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Bosque de Galicia (Forest of Galicia)
Bosque de Galicia (Forest of Galicia)
Bosque de Galicia
Bosque de Galicia

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