Monte da Almáciga Park
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Following the suggested alternative itinerary, the park is accessed via San Caetano Park. Situated in the Almáciga neighbourhood, very close to the bus station, it occupies the city's highest hill, making it a privileged watchtower with excellent views of the surrounding landscape. It is linked to San Domingos de Bonaval Park by means of Teo street.

Technical data:

Extension: 37.339 m2
Duration of park tour: 30 minutes
Topography: gentle slope
Open: 24 hours
Viewpoint / good views
Extensive lawns
Areas with benches for resting
Pedestrian itineraries
Posibility of cycling
Accesibility for the handicapped
Drinking fountains
Children's playground
Sports areas
Night lighting
Nearby parking areas

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Monte da Almáciga Park
Monte da Almáciga Park

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Barrio da Almáciga, Santiago de Compostela, 15704