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San Antonio de Padua Parish Centre
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San Antonio de Padua Parish Centre

Project:  San Antonio de Padua Parish Centre.
Architects: Iago Seara.
Date:  1994-2007.
Location: Rúa Moscova.

The designed complex was built in two phases due to budget requirements. The first construction phase involved the Baptismal Chapel, conceived as the entrance to the complex, and a series of social rooms underneath it. Later on the church itself was built, being dedicated in 2007, along with more social rooms for parish use.

The characteristics of the lot, with a steep slope, square shape and located in the upper part of the Fontiñas neighbourhood, is resolved by means of a platform, on which the different volumes are built, with a clearly monumental vocation in contrast to the surrounding buildings. However, despite the singularity of its forms, the religious building's scale in relation to the neighbouring constructions means that its presence has a silent and secluded nature, with a skilful combination of contemporary forms and traditional typological elements, such as the entrance porch or the belfry.

Water, light and vegetation are used compositionally with strong symbolic meaning, linked to the liturgy. These natural materials are interpreted against the neutral background of the textures and colours of the dominant building materials, such as stone, concrete and wood.

The main church door, made by the sculptor Ignacio Basallo, was conceived as a plastic element with a strong presence. Its hybrid treatment as a pictorial and sculptural piece dominates and characterises the church's exterior space. During the time this piece is open, it is incorporated into the surroundings like a mural relief.

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San Antonio de Padua Parish Centre
San Antonio de Padua Parish Centre

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As Fontiñas. Rúa Moscova

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