Church of San Xoán
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Project: Church of San Xoán.
Architects: Joaquín Fernández Madrid.
Date:  1987-1988
Location: North Campus.

The Church of San Xoán was conceived as a parish complex, in order to serve the populous Vite neighbourhood. Situated opposite the new faculties of the University of Compostela's North Campus, this church contemporary nature is highlighted by means of a large concrete canopy, by its slightly curved roofs and by the presence of a high tower-belfry with a metallic crown. Below the concrete slab forming the canopy, whose acute-angled shape delimits and organises the complex's entrance, there are entrances to the different areas of worship and the different parish rooms. The tower, whose base is defined by two concrete walls, is extended upwards by means of a metallic structure, becoming visually lighter the higher up it goes.

The complex's internal organisation is functionally efficient and gives the design different opportunities to produce interesting effects with the incoming daylight. The church space is located in the centre, bordered by the Chapel of the Holy Sacrement and the different parish rooms. The assembly hall is situated underneath the chapel and has its own entrance outside.

This building has an illustrious neighbour, namely the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza's Faculty of Media Studies. The two buildings, only separated by Avenida de Castelao, establish a close dialogue by means of white panels of their exteriors and the gentle slope of their roofs.

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Church of San Xoán
Church of San Xoán

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Avenida de Castelao, Santiago de Compostela, 15782

Visits during hours of worship.