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Shopping in: Ensanche

Another well-defined shopping area in our city is known as El Ensanche. This is the part where the city has grown the most, beyond its old town. Characterised by town planning dating from the 1960s and 1970s, it is made up of a large number of shops. This is the 'Santiago Centro' Shopping Centre

Its main areas are centred on the streets Xeneral Pardiñas, Doutor Teixeiro, República de El Salvador, Montero Ríos, Alfredo Brañas boulevard, and Roxa and Galicia squares. Other important streets, such as Rosalía de Castro, Fernando III el Santo, República Arxentina, A Rosa and Santiago de Chile, complete a very attractive shopping range. In all of these areas, it is best to shop on foot.

International brands, prestigious Spanish franchises, Galician fashion, food shops, gift shops, jeweller's shops, boutiques, shoe shops, fur shops, leather goods shops and many more, in addition to cafeterias, restaurants and cinemas, delimit another shopping area where Santiago's visitors and residents shop together.

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Shopping in: Ensanche
Shopping in: Ensanche

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