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Obtaining the Jubilee

In accordance with the grace of the Jubilee granted to the Cathedral of Santiago in 1122 by Pope Callixto II, worshippers visiting the church during a Holy Year can obtain plenary absolution, i.e. forgiveness of the penance imposed on them in confession. In 1181, this privilege was confirmed by Alexander III. The present-day tradition, determined in 1428 by Pope Martin V, establishes as Compostela Holy Years those on which July 25 (St. James’ Day) falls on a Sunday. This happens every 6, 5, 6 and 11 years. The next one, after 2010, will be 2021.

Who obtains the Jubilee'
Any worshipper that goes through the Cathedral’s Holy Door in this Year of Grace, says a prayer and goes to confession and communion, will have the penance imposed for his or her sins redeemed. It is not necessary to have come to the city as a pilgrim; you only have to perform a sincere act of contrition in front of the Apostle James.

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Obtaining the Jubilee
Obtaining the Jubilee

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