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Do you what is the most repeated photograph in Santiago' That of the Cathedral’s Obradoiro façade. It is called Obradoiro because construction work lasted almost 100 years, and the masons’ workshops (“obradoiros” in the Galician language) worked nonstop, hewing and carving the granite. Can you imagine how much noise they made'

But the result has been worthwhile. It is like a majestic baroque curtain from the 17th and 18th centuries that covers the Romanesque cathedral behind it. It is dominated by the Apostle James dressed as a pilgrim. See if you can spot him with his staff and cape among so many sculptures! He is bordered on both sides by the towers: Torre de las Campanas, on the right, and Torre de la Carraca, on the left; with a height of 74 metres, they almost seem to touch the sky.

And have you noticed the stairway' In fact, there are two stairways, one inside the other. How smart!

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The Obradoiro façade
The Obradoiro façade