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Santiago's Entertainment Guide

11 matches: 7 Music | 1 Dance | 1 Festival | 2 Fiestas


20:30 | Colegiata Santa María a Real do Sar
Once again, Carlos Núñez includes the Collegiate Church of Sar in his tour 'Lugares Máxicos'.
20:30 | Teatro Principal
On 28 December, A banda da Loba will close their "Xabón Lagarta" tour at the Teatro Principal in Santiago de Compostela.
19:00 | Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Santiago
"Fremosas, Cantigas de Amigo e de Amor" is the new work of the musical group Barahúnda formed by Helena de Alfonso and Jose Lara Gruñeiro.
20:30 | Teatro Principal
In this 2024 Guadi Gallego returns with a new show, Síntese Horizonte, expressly conceived to represent, live, in three unique functions on the boards of the theatres of Galicia. Síntese Horizonte is a bet of Guadi Gallego herself for the evolution of her own, because with each...
22:00 | Sónar
Concert presentation of Anxo Araújo's new album "Aprender a bailar" + concert by Lucía Aldao with her band PAVA.
19:00 | Fundación Eugenio Granell
Carmen López presents her debut album "Quintela", her first work of experimental music for Galician bagpipes. 
22:00 | Sónar
O Sonoro Maxín make tropical Galicia explode in every concert. On April 26th we are all going to the Sala Sónar in Compostela to enjoy it with "A primavera ten que ser nosa", a show that gathers a large part of their repertoire in these 15 years of life with roots in the most...


20:30 | Auditorio de Galicia
Òscar Cobos Compañía de Danza


12/09/2023 - 17/09/2023
Riquela Club
Holanola Lab-Fesitval is an unpredictable event. Its main premise is that the spectator and the musicians have a meeting place crossed by different cultural contributions, to generate an exchange of knowledge around music. The atmospheric reference of the meeting is New Orleans, the city that...


The neighbourhoods of Compostela join in the celebration of the San Xoán festivities, offering a wide range of activities for everyone.
17:00 | Plaza de Mazarelos
O TEU MELLOR SAN XOAN Coinciding with the Festivities of San Xoán, which fill the city with colourful and magical bonfires, Santiago welcomes a new edition of the festival that includes in its programme a variety of activities and workshops for the enhancement of Galician rites and...