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Compostela Diversa 2024
Compostela Diversa 2024
27/05/2024 - 30/06/2024
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Compostela Diversa 2024

On the occasion of the celebration of the International LGTBI Pride Day on 28 June, Compostela Diversa brings together a series of actions and activities to make Santiago a benchmark as a welcoming city, committed to global and inclusive actions that help to advance in the achievement of rights, visibility and the normalisation of the lives of the whole group.

Every year, around two hundred commercial and catering establishments in the city join the Compostela Diversa initiative. Shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation celebrate diversity with aprons, posters, postcards, coasters, tablecloths and LGTBI banners.

In addition, to make the values of Compostela Diversa visible, there will be lighting/decoration of prominent public spaces that are highly frequented by visitors, such as the central tourist office of Santiago itself, various points in the Alameda Park - the sculpture of the Marías - icons of diversity themselves-, access from Porta Faxeira and the "Eucalyptus of Lovers". Finally, a large rainbow will be installed in the Paseo de los Leones de la Alameda so that both residents of Santiago and visitors to the city can take a photograph in the colours of diversity with a view of the historic centre and the Cathedral in the background.As a first, the decoration and illumination will also reach the Praza Roxa. The illumination will be visible from 27 May until 30 June, from dusk until the early hours of the

morning.This initiative is promoted by the City Council of Santiago, through the Department of Equality and with the special collaboration of Santiago Tourism and the municipal service of Commerce, and has the support of the Provincial Council of A Coruña.

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Compostela Diversa 2024
Compostela Diversa 2024

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Compostela Diversa 2024
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