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Going out at night

Going out at night

A night in Compostela

Walking around the illuminated city, having a relaxed dinner, conversing over a few drinks, attending a cultural event… Or going out for some wine and ‘tapas’ to the most popular places, meeting up with Compostela’s residents, to discover their routes and routines when the sun goes down.

There are always places open and cultural possibilities for the night. Unlike other cities, here it is normal to go out for a drink even on a Sunday or Monday. The street is never completely deserted, because Compostela is never completely asleep.

The city’s non-stop atmosphere is due to the quantity of young people that study or work here, especially university students –they mark the times and rhythms of the entire city, which gets up lazily and goes to bed late, in harmony with the abundance of nightclubs and cultural events on offer.

At nighttime in Compostela, you do not need a car since you can easily walk around the city, and doing so is very pleasant and completely safe. And that is what people do here: walking from one place to another, visiting several each night. The city and its residents will carry you along.

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