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New cuisine

A Casa dos Xacobes

Rúa da Algalia de Abaixo, 33, 15704

A Curtidoría

Rúa da Conga, 3, 15782

Mediterranean-style restaurant located in a 19th-century house, where rice dishes are the main attraction, with the particularity of using Galician products in all its recipes.


A Horta do Obradoiro

New cuisine
Rúa das Hortas, 16, 15705

Bib Gourmand restaurant in the 2020 Michelin Guide. Tasty cuisine featuring quality ingredients by the chefs Kike Piñeiro and Eloy Cancela, in a 17th-century building with an interior garden.


A Maceta

Rúa de San Pedro,120, 15703

A bright restaurant decorated in a simple, trendy style; the chef Jorge Gago serves modern fusion cuisine using seasonal produce.


A Tafona

New cuisine Delivery
Rúa da Virxe da Cerca, 7, 15703

Restaurant with one Star in the 2020 Michelin Guide and one Sun in the 2020 Repsol Guide. Market cuisine featuring seasonal produce by the chef Lucía Freitas.


Q Quality 

A Viaxe

World Cuisine Take away
Praza do Matadoiro, 3, 15704

Modern cuisine with nuances. Peruvian specialties.


Abastos 2.0

New cuisine
Praza de Abastos, casetas 13-18, 15704

Original tavern with eclectic furniture and stools in the street, where they prepare market cuisine and tapas.


Abastos EspazoGastroCultural

New cuisine
Rúa das Ameas, 4, 15704

Bib Gourmand restaurant in the 2020 Michelin Guide. Avant-garde cuisine featuring produce bought each day in the “Mercado de Abastos” (Food Market).



New cuisine
Avenida do Burgo das Nacións,

Restaurant of the Hotel NH Collection, where the chef Nacho Martínez serves modern Galician cuisine based on respect for taste.


Tránsito dos Gramáticos

New cuisine
Tránsito dos Gramáticos, 1, 15703

Dishes of Spanish and Galician gastronomy, based on farm and sea products.


Café La Morena

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa de San Clemente 6, 15705

Walking distance from the cathedral and with a parking area just 20 ms away. We have got a large terrace and plenty of space inside for groups. Splendid views to the gardens and the main fassade of the cathedral. We open everyday at 9 am for breakfast, but we also serve brunches, lunch and dinner. We organize some concerts, Dj sessions and other events. You will also find a small shop with gourmet products.

Casa Marcelo

New cuisine
Rúa das Hortas, 1, 15705

Restaurant with one Star in the 2020 Michelin Guide and one Sun in the 2020 Repsol Guide. Its chef Marcelo Tejedorserves a fusion of Galician-Japanese cuisine.



Rúa de Fernando III o Santo, 18, 15701

Traditional Galician food with a touch of originality and modernity.


Spanish cuisine
Rúa do Vilar, 47, 15705

Gastronomic wine bar based on local products, with small touches of contemporary cuisine.



Rúa do Cardeal Payá, 15703

Traditional Galician food with a touch of originality and modernity. Market and local cuisine. Specialized in grilled meat.



El Camelio

New cuisine
Rúa das Oblatas, 15705

Restaurant of the Hotel AC Palacio del Carmen, with a menu combining emblematic auteur cuisine and characteristic elements of Galician gastronomy.


El Romero

New cuisine Take away
Rúa das Galeras, 22, 15705

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Market cuisine. Brunch

Food Tambre - Galuresa

Spanish cuisine Take away
Rúa Vía Edison, 259, 15890

Slow food.

Gastrobar Tryp Santiago

New cuisine
Rúa do Restollal, 24, 15702

Original tapas, hamburgers and snacks is what you will find in this gastropub of the Hotel Tryp Santiago.



New cuisine
Rúa de Montero Ríos, 16, 15706

Homemade cuisine, specialising in fish dishes. Menu of the day.