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Compostela, shopping capital

For many reasons Santiago, throughout history, has always been a commercial centre for its surroundings and also for Galicia. Starting from the Middle Ages, it was very typical to visit the city and buy the necessities that were not available in the nearby towns and villages.

Although it may seem strange, in view of the city's evolution, this is still the case. The difference is that we now go to hypermarkets, specialised shops, prestigious brands, but the shopping-based migratory movements are essentially the same.

If we add to this the attraction and hospitality tradition that the city has demonstrated throughout its history, due above all to the phenomenon of the pilgrimage bearing its name, there is no doubt that Santiago has historically been what is now known as a shopping centre.

In order to understand the city's shopping structure, it is best explained spatially by dividing the city into shopping areas. Generally speaking, Santiago can be divided into 4 extensive shopping centres. They all have their own particularities, which gives them greater richness and authenticity. The problem is deciding where to go shopping. Each shopping centre has its own philosophy and they all have their peculiarities. We recommend that you visit them all in order to obtain an overall vision of our city's commercial importance. You will easily find what you are looking for. The choice is yours.


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