Christmas 2021

The Christmas festivities of 2021 represent the end of another very difficult year for the entire planet. In this context, we probably feel like reviving customs, moments, gestures, associations and affections that will give us the strength to face the situation and look with optimism to 2022. It is a symbolic year because it is still a Compostela Holy Year, the 120th in history, and Santiago remains the spiritual capital of the world.

The lights of the streets and monuments offer us a message in the face of darkness, just as the music does as opposed to silence. This message is particularly evident in the city’s nativity scenes, thanks to the tenacity of different artists and families, as a representation of renewed hope. And the Christmas markets, where the gifts made by small-scale producers and artisans continue to highlight the importance of remembering our family, friends and loved ones.

We hope that you will find joy in the city’s beauty and will experience Christmas in Compostela safely, responsibly and with renewed excitement. On the verge of entering the second half of this extraordinary Holy Year, Santiago Tourism wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2022.

We look forward to seeing you in Santiago de Compostela. Ultreia!