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San Clemente de Pasantes School
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Founded in 1610 by Archbishop Juan de Sanclemente y Torquemada to teach theology, its name San Clemente de Pasantes refers to the fact that only doctors, i.e. graduates, were accepted.

It is now the 'Rosalía de Castro' Secondary School, although it has previously housed numerous public and private institutions, such as the 'Amigos del País' Royal Economic Society, the Archaeological Museum, the Law Faculty, etc. The two-floored, granite masonry building has a square-shaped ground plan centred on a classical courtyard, in harmony with its university function. The façade features innovative decorations reflecting Galicia's baroque style in the early 17th century.

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San Clemente de Pasantes School
San Clemente de Pasantes School
Colexio San Clemente de Pasantes
Colexio San Clemente de Pasantes

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Avenida de Figueroa, Santiago de Compostela, 15705
Present use

Home of 'Rosalía de Castro' Secondary School.

881 86 65 56

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