Casa-pazo de Vaamonde
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18th c. 
This 18th-century building, made up of a ground floor and two upper floors, projects from the alignment of the previous houses by means of an arcade. Its main features are the coat of arms on the first-floor façade, the second-floor balcony that projects over the street, the door knocker (made by the sculptor Francisco Asorey) and the attractive French windows of the inside door. On the right it borders the narrowest lane in Santiago, called Entrerrúas, which is barely wide enough for two people to pass each other. It presently houses the Consortium of Santiago.

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Casa-pazo de Vaamonde
Casa-pazo de Vaamonde
Casa-pazo de Vaamonde
Casa-pazo de Vaamonde

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Rúa do Vilar, 59
Present use

Home to Consorcio de Santiago, belonging to the Public Administration.

981 574 700

NOT VISITABLE (administrative use).