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Art galleries

Art galleries

Not only for art lovers: reasons for visiting Santiago’s galleries

Apart from the opportunity of coming into contact with the world of art, reserved in the past to a privileged few, Santiago’s galleries have another attraction: many of them are housed in historic buildings, and this is a unique occasion for becoming acquainted with interesting interior spaces. But here you have 10 more reasons for visiting them:

  1. Admission is completely free.
  2. In Santiago even the largest gallery is small, and this makes them very “manageable”, with a visit lasting about half an hour.
  3. They often exhibit local artists, whose work has a strong local flavour, enabling you to discover new nuances or refreshing perspectives of Santiago, of Galicia…
  4. Wine and cheese or other aperitifs and an opportunity for rubbing shoulders with the artist during opening soirées.
  5. There is no pressure to buy: gallery owners are used to people looking without buying.
  6. Gallery owners know a lot about art and the exhibited artists, and they are available and delighted to answer your questions.
  7. You can learn a lot about art and the art business by chatting with them.


  8. Many galleries feature a wide range of prices to fit all budgets, and some also have books, catalogues, etc, which are always good options.
  9. There are a variety of galleries, with works for all tastes.
  10. Many of the galleries not only organize exhibitions. They also host literary presentations, conferences, workshops and other activities for children and family.

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