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Let's go on a train trip


Travelling by train is comfortable and pleasant, while giving you a close-up view of the scenery without any kind of worries. The journey by train from Santiago to Vigo is very interesting because many sections follow the coastline so closely, you feel as if you can almost touch the sea. The journey takes an hour and a quarter with departures every hour.

Vigo is one of the largest fishing ports in Europe, where you can get a close-up look at all kinds of ships: large ocean liners, cargo ships, graceful sailboats and the boats that take passengers to the other side of the Ria of Vigo and to the Cíes Islands. The city, which is an important shopping centre, has several interesting museums as well as a zoo in the surroundings. And there is also the park called O Castro, which offers wonderful views of the city and the entire Ria of Vigo, apart from a cafeteria.

During the high season, passenger boats cover the route to the Cíes Islands (50-minute crossing), which form, along with the Ons Islands, one of Spain’s most important nature reserves. The Cíes have restaurants, cafeterias and all the necessary services. A truly unforgettable trip.

The ships that cross over to the towns of Cangas and Moaña, on the opposite shore, depart continuously seven days a week. This is a very calm, short (approx. 20 min.) trip that lets you see the Ria of Vigo from the sea.