Compostela Holy Year 2021-2022


In 2021-2022 will again be a Compostela Holy Year, the 120th in history, and Santiago will become the spiritual capital of the world.

The Holy See announced during the opening ceremony of the Holy Door, on December 31, the extension of the Holy Year 2021 throughout 2022 due to the exceptional pandemic circumstances affecting the celebration.

The year 2021-2022 also represents the end of a very difficult period for the entire planet. In this context, we probably feel like reviving customs, moments, gestures, associations and affections that will give us the strength to face the situation and look with optimism to the future. 

The Way of Saint James offers us a message in the face of darkness, just as the music does as opposed to silence. This message is particularly evident in the whole historic city, but most specially in the newly refurbished Cathedral, thanks to the tenacity of humankind through centuries, as a representation of renewed hope 

We hope that you will find joy and serenity in the city’s beauty and will experience Compostela safely, responsibly and with renewed excitement. 

We look forward to seeing you in Santiago de Compostela. Ultreia!